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  • We take care of many things for you!

Van Ede International Moving's

Since 1923 our core business is moving and storage of household goods. Through more than 90 years of experience, the constant modernization of our equipment and retraining of our personnel, we guarantee a professional and efficient way to perform your move. Despite moving knows a high stress factor for a lot of people, we can take care of many things for you.

Throught the years we have specialized ourselves in national and international moves as well as short and long term storage, of mainly private households.

We also offer `Handyman services`, which you can order with us whenever you need.

Any questions?

Verlengde Hoge Klei 60
2242NS Wassenaar
Tel: 070-5113426
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Location and plan route


Before the move will take place, we will be pleased to visit you to perform a pre-move survey. During this survey we will estimate your household and discuss your whishes and expectations:

  • Packing and unpacking can be done by us or by yourself. In case you prefer to arrange it yourself, we will provide you with the correct amount of packingmaterials in advance.
  • Furniture pieces can be dismantled and re-assembled by us. You can also choose to do this yourself.
  • Paintings, statues, chandeliers or other fragile items will be carefully packed in special designed materials. If needed or requested, we can also provide custom-made crates.
  • Hanging clothes will packed in tall wardrobe boxes.
  • Piano's or grand piano's will be moved by using special equipment.
  • Outside elevators will be used where necessary and/or possible. By using the elevator we will be able to execute your move more efficient. We also reduce nuisance for your neighbours.
  • Once we have discussed how you would like us to organize your move, you will receive our noncommittal quote as well as the General Conditions for Moves 2015 (Algemene Voorwaarden voor Verhuizingen 2015).

Then the actual move will take place. You will not encounter many problems; our personnel works efficient and quiet.

In case something goes wrong, we will make sure this will be sorted quick and as per your satisfaction.

Moving abroad

Would you like to move to a different European country? Or perhaps to a different continent? Do you have items that you would like to send abroad to a second house or a family member? Or are you planning to move from abroad to The Netherlands? This kind of transport requires a precise planning and preparation. Due to our experience and good connections with agents worldwide, we will make sure your household will arrive in time and in good condition.

Your household will be packed as such, it will be well protected for the international transport.

Once your household has been loaded in our international truck, the overseas container or the airvan, we will keep you well posted on the transport as well as the arrival date.

In case your household will be transported via European or international borders, we will advise and assist you with all needed (customs) documents and procedures. In case of need, our local partner will contact you on our behalf to speed up the process.

An All-Risk insurance can be arranged with us.


It is possible that, after your move, you have a number of activities in or around the house. You can think of hanging paintings and lights (inside and outside), assembling new furniture, connecting electrical equipment, minor repairs to your home or furniture, etc. It is understandable that you would like to have this done as quickly as possible. For this we offer you our 'Handyman Services`.

Our Handyman has succesfully attended a special course. And being equipped with the right tools, we will ensure that your wishes are carried out as quickly and carefully as possible.


Three warehouses are available for storage, with a capacity of more than 10.000 square meters. Two of these warehouses are set up for storage of (smaller) households in wooden storage liftvans.The third warehouse has been build in 2014 and is specially desigend for storage of households in 20ft containers.

By offering these two different kinds of storage possibilities, we can store any kind of item and/or household for a short- or long term.

As your household will be stored in our own warehouse, we can guarantee you the following:

  • Your furniture will be stored in a clean and dry liftvan or 20ft container.
  • Your furniture will be stored in a climate controlled warehouse.
  • The liftvan or 20ft container will allways stay inside.
  • The warehouses meet the highest requirements on burglary security and fire protection.
  • The warehouses are monthly contested against pests.
  • The warehouses are kept clean.

A storage insurance can be arranged by us.